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Dveri in the domestic and international public became recognizable by family politics - as the first political movement that has put the family at the capital city of the state and society.If you share the same values, you will choose us.

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Dveri lead the young and educated people, who have never been involved in politics, they were members of other parties, and they decided to stay in Serbia, politically organized and struggle for a better life for all our families.

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Biography of the President of Serbian Movement Dveri
Kulturna politika

From Vranici near Cacak

Boško Obradović was born on 23 August 1976 in Vranici near Cacak. After finishing high school in Cacak Serbistics studied at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, where he graduated in 2002.

Professor of Serbian language and literature

The author is a graduate studies "Miloš Crnjanski new nationalism" (Christian Thought, Belgrade, 2005), for which he received the award "Miloš Crnjanski" for the best book of essays published in the Serbian language in the period 2003-2005.

Dveri Serbian

With two other students of the Faculty of Philology in 1999 launched a newsletter Serbistics Dveri Serbian students, which eventually grew into one of the leading Serbian magazine for national culture and social issues, from whose circle of associates in 2003 formed an association of citizens Dveri Serbian Parliament.

The founder of several national organizations

He was an editor of the website, editor in chief of TV productions DVERI SERBIAN, as well as the initiator and project manager Serbian Youth Parliament, St. Sava Serbian network and school.

Married, five children

He is married and has five children. He lives in Cacak. Until the entry into office of President of the parliamentary group Dveri in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, he worked at the publishing house Catena Mundi doo as chief editor of the publication.


Engaged in the publishing business and has written hundreds of copyright texts, on behalf of Dveri had hundreds of appearances in the stands and the media around the world.

He published three books

His collection of selected texts entitled "Serbian Testament - Serbian national question today," underwent three editions (Serbian Assembly Dveri, 2007, 2008, 2010), a book "Serbian unions' two editions (Catena mundi 2012, 2014). The third book, "Serbian right - position of right-wing Serbian literary 30s of the 20th century" was published in 2015, also published Catena mundi.

Member of Parliament

In early national elections of 2014 was head of the list for the national parliament. At the extraordinary general election in 2016 was one of the pillars of the electoral list Dveri - Democratic Party of Serbia. After the election, under his leadership, doors for the first time in the history of entering the National Assembly and form a parliamentary group with seven deputies.

Member of seniority Dveri

Since 2011 he is a member of seniority Dveri - for the life of Serbia, on whose ticket he was a candidate for the election of delegates to the Republican 2012 lead candidate in local elections in Cacak, where since 2012 as head of the parliamentary group Dveri for the life of Cacak as OPPOSITIONAL largest parliamentary group in the Assembly of the City of cacak.

At the inaugural meeting, held on 27 June 2015 in Cacak, Boško Obradović was elected the first President of Serbian Movement Dveri consensus votes of delegates from all over Serbia.

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